White Columns

Gallery Trade

Trade is the first exhibition of its kind to consider the phenomena of artists swapping – or trading – art works with one another. Trade reveals an aesthetic and emotive ‘economy’ that has been developed exclusively between artists. Trade reflects upon the intellectual and social dynamics that exist amongst artists of very different generations and cultural milieus. Some 14 artists were initially approached to participate in the exhibition, with each artist subsequently suggesting another artist with whom they had swapped works in the past. The exhibition itself will ‘re-unite’ the traded artworks, which will be hung alongside one another – in pairs - in the gallery. Accompanying the exhibition is an informal publication – the first issue of White Columns’ new, occasional in-house journal The W.C. – that will feature anecdotal accounts from the participating artists relating to the various trades.

Trade has been generously supported by Martin and Rebecca Eisenberg, and Corrie Sandelman.