White Columns

Project RVNG Intl.

In our ongoing series ‘Other People’s Projects’ we are proud to present a new project from RVNG Intl. – an idiosyncratic and highly innovative New York-based record label.

Over the past five years RVNG has released recordings, remixes and edits by some of the most influential musicians and DJs working today, including: Tim Sweeney, Pilooski, Greg Wilson, JD Twitch, and Lovefingers amongst many others. Their recent ‘FRKWYS’ series – collaborations between different generations of experimental musicians – has seen releases from ARP, Anthony Moore, Excepter, Carter Tutti, Psychic Ills, Juan Atkins, Gibby Haynes and others.

At White Columns RVNG will present material drawn from its own archive, alongside personal contributions from some of their collaborators. In a statement about this project RVNG has stated:

“RVNG Intl. is a life child playing in the embryonic record collector clutter. We dutifully serve the salivating minds of music freaks on both sides of the 12", appropriating more often then misappropriating future sounds of the past as the present. For our White Columns installation, expect some of what we done and what we're undoing, including a full catalog retrospective and a record made from start to finish in the Project Room space.”

Over the course of the exhibition’s six week run, RVNG will rehearse, record, and press a new record in White Columns’ Project space featuring musicians Ikue Mori and Julianna Barwick. The artist Aubrey Mayer will photographically document this process – and his resulting images will be displayed alongside the archival material and filmed documentation of the recording process.

The resulting record will be a 12” vinyl pressing, and will be by co-released by RVNG Intl. and White Columns’ label The Sound of White Columns.