White Columns

Christopher Knowles

Christopher Knowles 'The Typing Poems' (WCR015), 2017

Recorded at Gavin Brown’s enterprise on March 22, 2015 on the occasion of Christopher Knowles’ performance for his exhibition 12 Large Typings
Recorded by Bryce Hackford.
Post production by Diko Shoturma, Atlantic Sound Studios.
Mastered by Paul Gold, Salt Mastering.
Vinyl pressed by Gotta Groove Records, Inc.
Design by Will Work for Good.
Cover and label images:
Christopher Knowles, Untitled, Archival marker on canvas, 2012.
Side A: Nadia Witte, HOUSE, 2011
Side B: ©Brinkhoff/Moegenburg, Rehearsal for Robert Wilson’s Parzival, 1987
Edition of 250  - $25 each

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