White Columns

The New York Artists’ Memorial Garden

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Presented by Art Production Fund and White Columns
Jackson Square Park, 8 Ave &, Greenwich Ave, New York, NY 10014

The New York Artists’ Memorial Garden is a collaborative project created for Jackson Square, set in a neighborhood that has a long-standing history with New York’s arts communities. The thirty-four participating artists were each invited to dedicate a park bench to an individual or an entity that is significant to them, creating a public space for reflection and contemplation.

Based on a curatorial initiative of White Columns’ director Matthew Higgs and Co-Presented by Art Production Fund, “The New York Artists’ Memorial Garden” is an extension of NYC Parks’ existing “Adopt-A-Bench” program that allows individuals to create a personal memorial for a loved one in a public space, through the dedication of a park bench.

“The New York Artists’ Memorial Garden” subtly transforms an existing public park into a collaborative public artwork, one that celebrates the lives of an extraordinary group of people - from James Baldwin to Maya Deren, and Alice Coltrane to Linda Nochlin - who have, in turn, inspired an extraordinary, and inter-generational group of contemporary artists.

Art Production Fund is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to commission- ing and producing ambitious public art projects, reaching new audiences and expanding awareness through contemporary art. Past projects include: Elmgreen & Dragset,“Prada Marfa,” Valentine, TX, Ugo Rondinone, “Seven Magic Mountains,” Las Vegas, Jeff Koons, “Seated Ballerina,” Rockefeller Plaza, NYC, Zoe Buckman, “CHAMP,” LA; Raul de Nieves “When I Look In To Your Eyes I See the Sun,” Miami. For more information, please visit artproductionfund.org

White Columns is New York's oldest alternative art space. Founded in SoHo by a group of artists in 1970, and originally known as ‘112 Greene Street/112 Workshop’, the organization changed its name to White Columns in 1979. White Columns supports the work of artists who have yet to benefit from wider critical, curatorial or commercial attention. Over the past forty-nine years, thousands of artists have benefited from the early support of White Columns, including: Gordon Matta-Clark, Alice Aycock, Willoughby Sharp, Kiki Smith, William Wegman, Barbara Ess, Jack Goldstein, John Stezaker, David Wojnarowicz, Felix Gonzalez-Torres, Andres Serrano, Fred Wilson, Sturtevant, Cady Noland, Lorna Simpson, John Currin, Lutz Bacher, Glenn Ligon, Jack Pierson, Sarah Sze, Dan Miller, Margaret Lee, Ella Kruglyanskaya, Denzil Forrester, and Aliza Nisenbaum, among many others.

Artist List
Hilton Als
Laurie Anderson
Michel Auder
Judith Bernstein
Barbara Bloom
Mike Cloud
David Diao
Rafael Ferrer
John Giorno
Hans Haacke
K8 Hardy
Rachel Harrison
Mary Heilmann
Joan Jonas
Alex Katz
Liz Magic Laser
Maggie Lee
Margaret Lee
Zoe Leonard
Glenn Ligon
McDermott McGough
Jonas Mekas
Meredith Monk
Yoko Ono
Adam Pendleton
Elizabeth Peyton
Jack Pierson
Jessi Reaves
Martha Rosler
Diamond Stingily
Rirkrit Tiravanija
Jessica Vaughn
Lawrence Weiner
T.J. Wilcox

Dedicated by Hilton Als

Dedicated by Laurie Anderson

Dedicated by Michel Auder

Dedicated by Judith Bernstein

Dedicated by Barbara Bloom

Dedicated by Mike Cloud

Dedicated by David Diao

Dedicated by Rafael Ferrer

Dedicated by John Giorno

Dedicated by Hans Haacke

Dedicated by K8 Hardy

Dedicated by Rachel Harrison

Dedicated by Mary Heilmann

Dedicated by Joan Jonas

Dedicated by Alex Katz

Dedicated by Liz Magic Laser

Dedicated by Maggie Lee

Dedicated by Meredith Monk

Dedicated by Yoko Ono

Dedicated by Adam Pendleton

Dedicated by Elizabeth Peyton

Dedicated by Jack Pierson

Dedicated by Jessi Reaves

Dedicated by Martha Rosler

Dedicated by Diamond Stingily

Dedicated by Rirkrit Tiravanija

Dedicated by Jessica Vaughn

Dedicated by Lawrence Weiner

Dedicated by Margaret Lee

Dedicated by Zoe Leonard

Dedicated by Glenn Ligon

Dedicated by McDermott McGough

Dedicated by Jonas Mekas

Dedicated by T.J. Wilcox