White Columns

White Room CCCC: Ceramics Club Cash and Carry

White Columns is pleased to present CCCC (Ceramics Club Cash and Carry).
This project is a fundraiser with 100% of all profits going to Planned Parenthood, White Helmets, and Critical Resistance.  The exhibition will empty as the ceramics are purchased… (cash and carry).
Ceramics Club was started in 2007 by Trisha Baga and Pam Lins at The Cooper Union as a group interested in using ceramics as a way to socially interact, make material, collaborate, and see what happens from there.
The group models itself on propositions gleaned from amateur “clubs” that in organizing, were interested in dismantling and opposing professionalism – withdrawing distinctions regarding quality, institutions, representations, etc.
Since 2011, the group has met and been generously supported by Greenwich House Pottery in the West Village.
This CCCC project was lovingly cobbled together by:
Ricci Albenda
Trisha Baga 
Cliff Borress 
Lea Cetera 
Lucky DeBellevue 
Marley Freeman
Rochelle Goldberg 
Kathryn Kerr
Pamela Lins 
Sara Magenheimer
Keegan Monaghan 
Nicholas Parker 
Krista Peters
Lucy Raven
Halsey Rodman
Saki Sato
Elisabeth Sherman
Shelly Silver
Adam Welch
and more…
with a generous gift from Fidelity Paper & Supply Corp. and printing support by LQQK Studio.

For more information contact: info@whitecolumns.org